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With donations from fans around the world this version of Grendizer you see here can be further developed into a feature length production. Here are four full rez images from the latest trailer for you to download and enjoy.

When you make a donation to the Grendizer movie you will automatically receieve a pack of 30 more such images as an appreciation of your support.

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Welcome to the Grendizer Movie site!  After roughly 35 years this legendary anime, which transcended cultural  and political borders as well as inspiring
millions of people around the world, has had virtually no modern treatment or material of any sort.  There have been numerous fan projects and trailers
over the past decade which unfortunately have not blossomed into full productions .  Being a Grendizer fan myself and a professional visual effects
artist/producer I also created a modern version of Grendizer which a lot of fans around the world seem to enjoy.  Upon completing the latest trailer I
wanted to somehow give the fans a chance to see the continuation of this work into a full feature.  I contacted Dynamic (the owners of Grendizer) and
inquired about doing a fan-funded film with no commercial release. Luckily they don’t have an objection to that and hence this site!  As I am from Eastern
Europe where a lot of Hollywood movies are done due to lower production costs and high quality of work, a Grendizer film is entirely possible here.  My aim
is to produce a live action/cgi Grendizer movie which will be available online for free.